Image Analysis Request

**Updated procedure**

How to make a image analysis request for a new project.

How to make a request for Image Analysis

Update procedure

If you think you will have or you are currently in need of an image analysis service from the facility we please invite you to fill in an official request through the PPMS Order system.

The responsible for receiving, organizing and coordinating image analysis is Marco Dalla Vecchia so try to discuss with him directly, especially if it is a new project.

How to place an order

  1. Log-in in PPMS with your IGBMC credentials.
  2. Select Order from the banner at the top.


  1. In the order service table, select the quantity of 1 under the Image Analysis Service row in the Assistance category.


  1. Press the Order button
  2. You will be redirected to the Image Processing and Analysis request form for you to provide more information on your needs and data.

General guidelines for image analysis procedures

  • During the first meeting try to bring with you a brief explanation of your data and experimental setup. Importa details could include:
    • Microscope used and imaging settings
    • What channel is what (fluorophores, stained structure etc..)
    • Experimental conditions (controls, treatments, well/plates structure)
  • Try to provide a clear goal of the analysis. The more is often not the better.
  • Please specify if you expect a tool with which you will analyze your own data, or if you just need an analysis without the need for the tool.